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Beijing International Coin Exposition 2015 - Coin Invest Trust - Quilling Art 2016 – Flowers

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Coin Invest Trust has done it again by coming up with a new coin concept. This coin was introduced at the Beijing Coin Expo which took place November 7 - November 9. You can purchase it now at: Quilling Flower Coin

Here is the coin:

Quilling is an art form where paper strips are skilfully rolled, formed and glued to create wonderful, vibrant images. This skill first became popular in the 16th and 17th century when French and Italian nuns and monks created ornaments for religious books and artefacts.

The first coin of this kind combines elaborate handmade quilling with highest minting craftsmanship. Silver relief and colourful paper elements blend to form a floral subject which has never been seen in numismatics before.


• New coin concept 

• Handmade quilling elements 

• Vivid colours 

• Low mintage

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